Policy of preserving the Environment

    Policy of preserving the Environment
    It is from the basic objectives of our company to present the distinguished standard from the comprehensive services supporter by continuous developing planning and in this sequence our company had adapted the distinguished program to preserve the environment designed for responding to the requirements and international condition for operation and to work in a safe environments according to the following standards.
    1-To avoid the contamination in all parts of the work.
    2-To enter the continues improvements on the method and administer the work in the site
    3- The continuous acquaintance on all legislation, Laws concerning the protection of the environment, Natural resource s and to work in its application in complete.
    4-To hold enlightens seminars forthe importance of protecting the environment continuously for all workers.
    5-The emphasis on the importance of cleaning  the work sites of the work to special places which the municipality authorities,   health and environmental specifies in due fields of executing
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