Service offers

    The services of the comapny
    A-The studies
    1- Preparing the Feasibility studies.
    2- Preparing primary drawings.
    3- Documents for submitting offers.
    4- Offers Appraisal.
    B- Planning
    1- Regional planning.
    2- Cities' planning.
    3- Architectural planning.
    4- Urban Designs and coordination of sites.
    • • •
    C- Architecture
    1- Designing of commercial buildings.
    2- Designing of Touristic buildings.
    3- Designing of administrative building.
    4- Designing Residential complexes and Vilas.
    D- Services of the Buildings
    1- Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
    2- Distribution of electrical power.
    3- Air-conditioning and ventilation.
    4- Distribution of water (Hot and cold)
    5- System of feeding and dispensing.
    6- Communication Systems.
    7- Fire protection System.
    8- Fire alarm system.
    9- Central Gas System.
    E- Constructional Engineering
    1- Constructing all kinds of buildings and execute sanitary sewerage (Water and Sewerage nets,and roads pavements).
    2- Special constructional Engineering.
    3-Foundations  and soil .
    4-Concrete works
    5- constructional appraisal.
    F- Electrical Services
    Processing and sale of high-voltage lines 33 KV and 132 KV and 400 KV in addition to the processing and implementation of electric power, processing and implementation of mobile power stations converter stations.
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