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    Company Ahbab AL Iraq General Contracting Company Ltd., ranked primarily for civil works and the first degree of the electrical and mechanical, this company deals with all contracts for all areas of business and all the general contracting and supervising the design, implementation and processing of materials required by type, origin and application. This company was founded in 2004  the founders of the company with high competence and have the practical experience and sophisticated for many years before the founding of the company. The company consists of cadres for all engineering disciplines including engineering (civil - architectural - electrical - mechanical - Computers - Control systems - roads, bridges - Chemical - Health - Environment). In addition to administrative cadres that make up the structure of the company and the structure of any project to the company in addition to the technical cadres(technicians - artisans) and the terms of reference for each as needed.
    That the company had multiple objectives in its work to contribute in building the new Iraq, and the development of cadres and the development of engineering and technical training courses and sending missions outside Iraq, according to the requirements of any project work. Elimination of unemployment, the latter involving multiple cadres of different jurisdictions to promote "the Iraqi economy and the future goals of the company in the construction and development at the Arab level and the global.
    Company Ahbab Al Iraq adopted modern methods of international and Arab companies in the advanced management style and executive order, "which centers on a competition developed between the companies contributing to the construction and reconstruction of Iraq and construction and development the Arab world, that the style of the company to work for more projects and Supervision   the design and implementation of the company is based in the engineering design determined on the local and foreign interests as required , The interest of the company to draw the exact path of the engineering specifications for the latter high.
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